My Week 14 NFL Picks

Things haven’t exactly been going the way we, or at least I, expected they would go this year. There have been some surprise teams, both in good ways and bad ways, that nobody saw coming (hence the whole surprise thing). It has made the games this year hard to predict, although I certainly have tried.Continue reading “My Week 14 NFL Picks”

My Week 13 NFL Picks

After two-thirds of the season, it’s time to evaluate my performance this season. It’s been . . . decent. I’m just a smidge under .500 on the year, so I’m basically the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of making picks. But that’s not a terrible place to be. The Bucs are still going to make the playoffsContinue reading “My Week 13 NFL Picks”

My Week 12 NFL Picks

It’s Thanksgiving week. In fact, you’re probably reading this on Thanksgiving day. So, before I get to my picks for the week, let me give a few thanks for this NFL season. I’m thankful for the Bills not being the absolute juggernaut of a team we all thought they would be. I’m thankful for PatrickContinue reading “My Week 12 NFL Picks”

My Week 11 NFL Picks

Holy crap was last week a wild ride. The Bills losing in epic fashion to the Vikings, the Packers finally showing signs of life, and the Eagles taking their first loss of the season (which I like semi-predicted last week). Somehow, I was still able to go .500 with my picks despite all the crazinessContinue reading “My Week 11 NFL Picks”

My Week 10 NFL Picks

I am officially declaring myself on a hot streak. It’s not nearly as impressive as what the Eagles have done, but I’m now at three straight weeks above .500 on my picks. And I could have been even better last week if the Vikings, Chargers, and Rams all didn’t miss the cover by a halfContinue reading “My Week 10 NFL Picks”

My Week 9 NFL Picks

I finally did it. I had a good week last week with my picks. Scratch that, I had a great week with my pick, getting 12 of the 15 games right. It may have taken eight weeks, some of which were a little gimmicky, but I got back on track and now I am rollingContinue reading “My Week 9 NFL Picks”

My Week 8 NFL Picks

Last week I had my best picks record of the year. I got 10 of the 14 games right, which was a welcome change from the way I had been doing previously. My key to success last week was to against my gut for each and every game, and it worked. But that was justContinue reading “My Week 8 NFL Picks”

Maybe Bills Fans Shouldn’t Root for Josh Allen to Win MVP: Examining the Postseason Success of NFL MVPS

For the second week in a row, we had some NFL teams on bye weeks. One of those teams was Buffalo, meaning Bills fans had nobody to root for this week. So what were Bills fans doing on Sunday while their team was inactive? Maybe they took the day off from football and watched theirContinue reading “Maybe Bills Fans Shouldn’t Root for Josh Allen to Win MVP: Examining the Postseason Success of NFL MVPS”

My Week 7 NFL Picks

I had my worst week of the season last week and since the week prior was also not great, I decided that some drastic action was needed. So, this week I am fading myself. Yes, that’s right I went through and picked all 14 games, and then I went through and changed each of thoseContinue reading “My Week 7 NFL Picks”