My Week 10 NFL Picks

I am officially declaring myself on a hot streak. It’s not nearly as impressive as what the Eagles have done, but I’m now at three straight weeks above .500 on my picks. And I could have been even better last week if the Vikings, Chargers, and Rams all didn’t miss the cover by a halfContinue reading “My Week 10 NFL Picks”

My Week 9 NFL Picks

I finally did it. I had a good week last week with my picks. Scratch that, I had a great week with my pick, getting 12 of the 15 games right. It may have taken eight weeks, some of which were a little gimmicky, but I got back on track and now I am rollingContinue reading “My Week 9 NFL Picks”

My Week 8 NFL Picks

Last week I had my best picks record of the year. I got 10 of the 14 games right, which was a welcome change from the way I had been doing previously. My key to success last week was to against my gut for each and every game, and it worked. But that was justContinue reading “My Week 8 NFL Picks”

Maybe Bills Fans Shouldn’t Root for Josh Allen to Win MVP: Examining the Postseason Success of NFL MVPS

For the second week in a row, we had some NFL teams on bye weeks. One of those teams was Buffalo, meaning Bills fans had nobody to root for this week. So what were Bills fans doing on Sunday while their team was inactive? Maybe they took the day off from football and watched theirContinue reading “Maybe Bills Fans Shouldn’t Root for Josh Allen to Win MVP: Examining the Postseason Success of NFL MVPS”

My Week 7 NFL Picks

I had my worst week of the season last week and since the week prior was also not great, I decided that some drastic action was needed. So, this week I am fading myself. Yes, that’s right I went through and picked all 14 games, and then I went through and changed each of thoseContinue reading “My Week 7 NFL Picks”

Week 6 NFL Takeaways

The NFL was always facing an uphill battle this week. College football just had one of its best weekends in quite some time. The MLB Playoffs have been thoroughly enjoyable (unless you’re a Mariners fan like me). And the NHL season has started (if you care about that). It would have been easy for theContinue reading “Week 6 NFL Takeaways”

My Week 6 NFL Picks

To put it nicely, I sucked at my picks last week. I only got six right against the spread, even though I did get 11 right just straight up. So, we are looking for a bounce-back week. Plenty of teams in the NFL do it, so why can’t I? We’ve got another fun week ofContinue reading “My Week 6 NFL Picks”

Week 5 NFL Takeaways

We are heading into what I classify as the best sports time of the year. the NFL season is in full swing, college football starts to produce interesting matchups in conference play, the MLB playoffs are starting, and the NHL and NBA seasons are set to begin. I call that heaven (but my girlfriend callsContinue reading “Week 5 NFL Takeaways”

My Week 5 NFL Picks

Once again, we are back at it. Attempting to correctly pick each game of the NFL week. It seems like every week there is some viral occurrence of a bettor with a massive parlay that is one leg away from hitting and the entirety of football Twitter is hinging on their decision to cash outContinue reading “My Week 5 NFL Picks”

Week 4 NFL Takeaways

The great thing about the NFL is that it provides for us even on weeks where it doesn’t deliver the craziness that we have come to expect. Week four was far tamer than its three predecessors. The biggest underdog that win was a Seattle team that was only a 4.5-point dog to the Lions, soContinue reading “Week 4 NFL Takeaways”