Seahawks’ Offseason Plan

It feels like the Seattle Seahawks’ 2021 season came crashing down with their 17-0 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. It wasn’t just because they lost, it was the way they lost. The offense looked inept, despite Russell Wilson being back under center. The defense showed up for the game but has struggledContinue reading “Seahawks’ Offseason Plan”

NFL Award Predictions

We have officially hit the halfway point of the NFL season with week nine in the rearview mirror. Although some teams have played nine games and others have played eight, we have hit the 50 percent mark of this new 18-week NFL season. With that milestone, we have reached the point where the end-of-season awardContinue reading “NFL Award Predictions”

UFC 268 Reactions

I’ve been to Madison Square Garden. Not for a game or anything, unfortunately, just for a tour but it was still memorable. The concourse of the legendary arena has a timeline with every day of the year and the most notable occurrence inside MSG on that day. Massive boxing matches, historical Knicks’ moments, and evenContinue reading “UFC 268 Reactions”

UFC 267 reactions

On a card with two huge title fights, who would have thought that it was the ascension of future title contenders that stole the show at UFC 267? That’s not to say the main and co-main events were not incredible, they were, but my main takeaway was that there were a lot of guys fightingContinue reading “UFC 267 reactions”