Daily Sports Thought 2/25

It’s always wise to wait and see how new teammates actually play together when assessing a big trade in any sport (just look at the Lakers and Russell Westbrook). There was no bigger trade this season in the NBA than the one sending James Harden to the Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons, along with others,Continue reading “Daily Sports Thought 2/25”

Daily Sports Thought 2/24

The Seattle Kraken got the epitome of a moral victory on Thursday when they lost 3-2 in overtime to the Boston Bruins. They were able to gain one point from the overtime loss, their sixth overall loss in a row, bringing their season total to 37 points, third-worst in the NHL. Defenseman Mark Giordano openedContinue reading “Daily Sports Thought 2/24”

UFC 270 Reactions

Wow. I am in shock. I imagine that a lot of people watched that fight between Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane and left disappointed. But if that was you then you need to grow up and mature as a UFC fan. A great UFC fight isn’t just a huge knockout or a slugfest, although thoseContinue reading “UFC 270 Reactions”

2021 All-Breakout Team

Everybody seems to have different definitions of what a breakout player is. It makes sense that we differ so much on the topic because there is no set standard for what a player breakout is. It can be a backup becoming a starter, a starter becoming a star, a star becoming a superstar, or reallyContinue reading “2021 All-Breakout Team”

My 2021 NFL Awards

The awards that are handed out at the end of the NFL season are always an incredibly prestigious honor for whoever receives the trophy. This season might be the most prestigious yet since these awards will be the first 18-week season awards. The first MVP to play 17 games (maybe) will be a very distinguishedContinue reading “My 2021 NFL Awards”

Who is Eric Morris?

This year’s college football coaching carousel has already been an all-time crazy one, and bowl season has not even officially started yet. Lincoln Riley left Oklahoma for USC. Brian Kelly bolted from Notre Dame to go to LSU. Mario Cristobal went back home to coach Miami, leaving Oregon. And many more coaches have changed logosContinue reading “Who is Eric Morris?”